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guided ascents and instruction

If cracked cuticles, caffeine fueled alpine starts, high mountain bivies, screaming barffies, knee busting approaches, and delusional optimism are your idea of a fun mission into the hills, I am your guy...

As an Instructor and Guide at the American Alpine Institute, I offer customized climbing programs and adventures throughout the Western United States, Alaska, Canada, and around the globe.

I specialize in low ratio, alpine style expeditions & ascents, placing special emphasis on style, ethics, and adventure.

I also offer instructional courses designed to increase proficiency and build the skills necessary to help you climb stronger, faster, and higher... to prepare you for the peak of your dreams.

Feel free to check out the American Alpine Institute website for standard course offerings, and ideas for future missions... Then drop me a line, and lets put something on the calandar!

Tad McCrea
Instructor and Guide